Laundry Bag

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The one item you definitely need if you own a laundromat or cleaning service. Get your business name or logo printed on this drawstring bag that you can pass it professionally to your customers when they come to collect their laundry. What’s better is they can reuse this laundry bag the next time they come back! Ideal for hotels and resorts too when providing laundry bags for your guests to use. Easily store dirty clothing and pull the drawstring to shut the opening. The drawstrings also makes it easier to carry around like a backpack.

Suitable for:

  • Hotels
  • Hostles
  • Travelling bags
  • Corporate gifts
  • Organisations which want to promote going green

“I love hotels which play their part in saving the environment. Those who only wash towels and bed linen of the same guests when requested, stop using disposable bath items, and have biodegradable bags. They are making a difference.”

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