Eyelet Bag and Button Bag

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Product Details

Eyelet Bag:

Made of top-notch quality, this bag comes in eyelets and a string handle for you to conveniently carry even over your shoulders. Be assured to place your items safely in this bag as it will keep them in place while looking stylish and trendy. Sturdy enough to carry heavy items while protecting them. Going out on a beach day or a resort vacation? This Eyelet Bag is the ideal bag to keep all your essentials- sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, towels, clothes, water etc. Toss everything in there and carry it on the go!

Also suitable for:

  • High-end packaging
  • Corporate gift bags
  • Luxury packaging

Our customer feedback:

“Such a beautiful bag! My friends wanted to know where I got it from!”

Button Bag

Get added security with our Button Bag. Place all your belongings and essentials in this bag and button it up to seal it all up. Sturdy and excellent quality to store all your items, big and small, light and heavy without the hassle of carrying multiple small bags. Ideal for work, school, casual outing, or shopping. Put your work files, folders, books and even laptop and you’re good to go! Clasp the button together to keep the mouth from opening and avoid getting pick-pocketed!

Also suitable for:

  • Laptops
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Papers and files
  • Gym

Customer’s review:

“This is a great fit for my laptop and files when I go to the office. And I change my handbag everyday!”

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