Frequently Asked Questions

Our MOQ is 1,000 pcs. But not everyone needs 1,000 pcs of bags at a time. Hence, we can offer 500 pcs as an MOQ with a little extra cost due to the shipping cost.

Bags within decent sizes cost a little less than a dollar or a little over a dollar. Those that are like A3 size or bigger, it is considered more on customized size, and we would need to calculate it. Please feel free to contact us with sizes you have in mind.

Price wise, it is about the same within the industry of course. The different is Mussen provides additional service, and Mussen likes to build trust and relationship with its clients, as well as we watch our quality closely.

Aside from customization, Mussen usually discusses with client which model fits better, and which model has better attraction as part of Marketing tool.

Depending on the quantity, the normal lead time is around 4 to 6 weeks. Some exception can be made due to its urgency.

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