Christmas Goodie Bags for this festive season

Published on 21 October 2021


Looking to spark some joy with some gifts this Christmas? Then, share your Christmas spirit with our environmentally friendly Christmas goodie bags with a Xmas-themed design.

We, Mussen Ecobag, are specialized in supplying highly customizable non-woven eco-bags of all shapes and sizes that can be personalized with non-woven fabric, different stitching, piping, and heat-printing styles in Singapore & Indonesia.

Our non-woven eco-friendly bags also known as Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like cornstarch, potatoes, orange peels, and wheat which makes them totally organic and natural.  When you choose a non-woven eco-friendly bag, you are helping the world reduce pollution, save the earth, and Go-green as the bag are bio-degradable.


Our non-woven Christmas goodie bag is an excellent choice for giving Christmas gifts, cookies, biscuits, and more. Not only that, it is both reusable and recyclable.


Gold & Maroon

Grey & Maroon


The Christmas goodie bag colors (Maroon / Gold or Grey / Maroon) and the word art design spell out, Happy Holidays, which is perfect for the festive season with trending art and words of inspiration.


Prep up for the coming Christmas season with our Xmas-themed goodie bags. These goodie bags are what you need to spark joy and happiness with your friends and family this coming festive season.