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Professional Suppliers of Non-Woven Bags for All Your Needs

Welcome to Mussen Pte Ltd. We have the technology to customize non-woven bags for all sizes. Also, you can even specify different sewing, piping and heat print styles. We only use high quality paint for printing.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Non-Woven Needs

We accept small quantities as well as volume orders. With our monthly capacity of 100,000 bags, we are capable of taking large quantity orders. If you are short on storage space, we can accept smaller order lots and deliver to you in batches.

Talk to our friendly Consultants to discover how we can support your business needs. We support small and medium size companies in their efforts to be a part of go-green movement. At the same time we also help our customers to save space.

Available Material Colours (including white)

Do You Know How Long Certain Materials Take to Decompose?

Banana Peel and Paper Bag
2 to 4 weeks
Orange Peel and Cardboard
2 to 6 months
Milk Cartons and Plywood
2 to 6 years
Cigarette Butts
10 to 12 years
Foamed Plastic Cup and Plastic Container
50 to 80 years
Aluminum Can and Monofilament Fishing Line
200 to 600 years
Plastic Bags
200 to 1,000 years

So, why non-woven? Non-woven takes only 3 to 6 months to decompose

Then, why not go for paper bag that takes only 2 to 4 weeks to decompose? Killing trees does not go green.

However, non-woven material is used for more than just bags.

In the household industry, it is used for:

  • coffee and tea bags
  • vacuum bags
  • masks
  • home/hotel sandals
  • shoe bags
  • diaperstocks
  • baby wipes

In the medical industry, it is used for:

  • gloves
  • shoe cover
  • surgical caps
  • surgical masks
  • surgical gowns
  • disinfectant bed sheets
  • disinfectant pillow cases


  • insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • upholstery padding
  • table cloth

Some of Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

May, MyFine Collections

Mussen has been my recycle bag supplier for so many years. I love the service Mussen provides. I even have 2 different logos to swap around on every single order of mine. Not only that, I change the colors of the material or fabric on almost every single order when I re-order. I feel that this helps as part of Marketing tool for Myfine. Better yet, all these changes is FOC from Mussen. Definitely Mussen is a recommended recycle bag guy. Two thumbs up, Nick

Amy, Accede Corp

When I met Nick from Mussen, I told him that my Company needs a bag that is big enough yet also strong enough for my client's documents. Nick immediately advise me to customize the recycle bags. He explained that not only that it is strong, but also can be re-used. When this happens, it also helps increasing awareness for my Company Accede. I am impressed with the knowledge that Nick has - I like what he always says that he does not sell the bags, but the value of the bags.

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