11 Environmentally Friendly Bags to Shop in Singapore

Published on 1 November 2019

Did you know that by 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans (World Economic Forum report, 2016)? To save the oceans from this prediction coming true, many eco companies have come up with solutions, producing products such as environmentally-friendly reusable bags to replace single-use plastic bags that are widely used in supermarkets.

The most reusable bags are made of paper, which would take two to four weeks to disintegrate and decompose. Compared to plastic, which takes from 200 to 1000 years to be fully degraded, these traditional paper eco-bags are a big step up. However, the production of paper eco-bags is far from sustainable, as they involve cutting down trees, which would take decades to replenish.

Mussen Ecobag – a company that specializes in supplying non-woven eco-friendly bags with product distribution in Singapore and Indonesia has state-of-the-art modern technology to supply customizable non-woven eco-bags of all shapes and sizes that can be personalized with different stitching, piping and heat-printing styles, a.k.a. ultrasonic. Best of all, this non-woven polypropylene (a type of textile fabric that’s made up of separated fibres) bags only take 6 to 9 months to fully disintegrate and decompose. How about that?!

Here are eleven environmentally-friendly Mussen Ecobag that you can get in Singapore:

1. Eyelet Bag: This high-quality tote bag comes with eyelets and two string handles for you to conveniently carry around. With its roomy size and trendy colors, this bag type makes a great beach picnic companion. You can simply toss in essentials such as your beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks and be good to go!

2. Button Bag: For added security and peace of mind, you can opt for the button bag that helps keep all your belongings safely tucked inside. Perfect for work, school or even a day out shopping, the button bag is able to carry up to 8kg of weight. So, yes you can stack your books and laptop in just one bag.

3. Drawstring / Pull String Bag: This tiny bag makes a great storage case for toiletries and makeup items. You can also use it to keep tiny jewelry to bring while travelling. Coming in three different designs, this little cute bag also makes a great gift for friends who are always on the go.

Green Drawstring Bag

4. Gusset Shopping Bag: Skip the plastic bag and carry all your groceries in this trendy and colorful shopping tote bag. This can also serve as an overnight bag for nights when you’re having a slumber party at a friend’s or going away for a staycation.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

5. Drawstring Backpack Bags: Lightweight and convenient to carry around, this drawstring backpack bag makes a great travelling and school day companion. You can also take it to the gym to store your change of clothes and/or trainers.

Drawstring Backpack Bags

6. Oval Press Plain or Custom Print Bags: An ideal storage space for your tiny necessities, this bag makes travelling a breeze! Great for storing toiletries, stationery and makeup items, take this customizable bag with you wherever you go. Also, this bag makes a great door gift for corporate events, weddings and other functions.

Oval Press Handles Bags

7. Pouch and Portfolio Bags: Look smart and professional during your interview and client meetings when you bring this neat-looking portfolio bag to store your credentials. This bag is also suitable to store brochures and handouts, as well as other important documents.

Pouch and Portfolio Bags

8. Suit Cover Bags: Keep your suit looking neat, spiffy and professional by storing it in this suit cover bag. An effective anti-dust and mold cover, this bag will keep your suit intact without taking up too much storage space in your wardrobe.

9. Laundry Bag: This reusable laundry bag makes a great storage space for your clothes to keep them dust-free after a trip to the laundromat. If you’re a laundry shop owner, you can order these bags and have them printed with your shop logo and contact details. Great advertising opportunity too!

Custom Laundromat Bags

10. Wine Bag: For times of celebration and gifting seasons, this wine bag makes a neat and secure packaging to bring your favorite wine or champagne to your loved ones or business partners.

Red Wine Bag

11. Ladies Gown Bags: Ladies, keep your precious ball gowns protected and good and new by storing them in these gown bags. The cover also has a wider base to accommodate your Cinderella-style skirt!

Ladies Gown Bags