Environment Friendly Eco Bags

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint Today

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint Today

Environmentally Friendly Non Woven Bags

We are manufacturer and supplier of non-woven eco friendly bags in both domestic and international markets. With state-of-art technology, all sizes of non-woven bags can be customized. You can even specify different sewing, piping and heat print styles. Only high quality paint for printing is used.

Environmentally Friendly Fabric ~ non-woven, is a short name for non-woven polypropylene – a textile fabric that is made up of separated fibres. These fibres are arranged by means of end-use oriented technologies. From these fibres we make non-woven bags commonly known as recycled bags.

Benefits of Choosing Non-Woven

Reduce Pollution

The usage of this bio-degradable and eco-friendly carrier bags are getting more and more popular due to its sustainability in maintaining its ecological balance. Such usage has indirectly reduced the air pollution, and has become healthier alternatives to other bags that are commonly used, including its production process that does not produce harmful or harzadous fumes in the air. So, when non-woven fabric bags are used, it reduces pollution.

Saves the Earth

Unlike polyethylene, also known as thermaplastic polymer, which is thin and is commonly used to make supermarket bags, non-woven polypropylene is designed for re-use, and often deployed as goodie bags during events, worksheet bags by tuition centres or laundry bags in hotels, is also known as recycle bags, are made to be used over and over again. This leads to less human effort in cleaning up what cannot be decomposed naturally, and less use of incineration plants. Let's save the earth.

Recyclable - Bio-degradable

The word bio-degradable is the key to Go-Green. When decompose does not fully rely on bacteria alone, non-woven fabric decomposes itself when it is exposed to the sun and rain. The fabric starts getting thinner and eventually broken in 9 to 12 months.

Some of Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

May, MyFine Collections

Mussen has been my recycle bag supplier for so many years. I love the service Mussen provides. I even have 2 different logos to swap around on every single order of mine. Not only that, I change the colors of the material or fabric on almost every single order when I re-order. I feel that this helps as part of Marketing tool for Myfine. Better yet, all these changes is FOC from Mussen. Definitely Mussen is a recommended recycle bag guy. Two thumbs up, Nick

Amy, Accede Corp

When I met Nick from Mussen, I told him that my Company needs a bag that is big enough yet also strong enough for my client's documents. Nick immediately advise me to customize the recycle bags. He explained that not only that it is strong, but also can be re-used. When this happens, it also helps increasing awareness for my Company Accede. I am impressed with the knowledge that Nick has - I like what he always says that he does not sell the bags, but the value of the bags.

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